Sunday, September 4, 2011

Birthday Blues

I celebrated my birthday this past weekend and turned the big 3-2.  I have to admit though, it was a grumpy day.  I was in a terrible funk and I couldn't shake it. I felt like I was one of those cartoon characters that walked around with storm clouds over their heads.

All week long, everywhere I turned, I was constantly being questioned about my birthday plans. The pharmacist, my doctor, the LCBO clerk, even the MasterCard customer service rep.  "What are you gonna do, where are you going to go, do you have any big plans." Questions seemed to be flying at me from every direction and by the time the actual day arrived, I was all riled up and in a terrible mood.   

I was really feeling pressured to do something big, and prove that my birthday had been an event. I don't know why this was making me pissy, but it was. It wasn't that I was against celebrating, or that I harbored any sad feelings from past birthdays. It had nothing to do with anything that deep. It had more to do with the questioning. 

So much so, that I started to write about it.....and as I wrote, a story about a grumpy child named Carl emerged. Unlike most kids his age, Carl didn't want to know the whys and whats about anything and everything. And he especially hated when people would ask HIM the questions. This story has humor as Carl is asked the most bizarre of questions,and his frustrations quickly build. 

I hope to be able to finish this story based on my own personal frustrations. (Come on, did someone really just ask me THAT?!?!) After all, doesn't real life make the best scripts? 

PS. After I ran those storm clouds away, I went out and had a great time celebrating my birthday.... if I can only do something about all those questions!


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