Friday, August 19, 2011

What a Week!

The last few days have been truly amazing and full of outstanding literary inspiration. 

Last night, I went to see the movie, The Help, an incredibly moving story about injustice and perseverance, written by Kathryn Stocketts. This afternoon, I watched the J. K. Rowling story, about the famous author's life. Both movies were phenomenal, but what amazed me the most were the back stories. 

J. K. Rowling is best known for her Harry Potter series, and anything she now writes is most likely transported right to the store front window displays. But when she first started submitting her manuscript, she was faced with rejection after rejection. It took 12 rejects before her first book was accepted, and even then, her agent advised her not to quit her day job because children's books don't make money. Last I heard, she is now richer than the Queen of England. 

Kathryn Stocketts became obsessed with her manuscript, as each rejection only fueled her determination to get The Help publicized. Her book was infamously turned down 60 times before becoming a best seller. And last night I sat in a darkened theatre watching the big screen version. Incredible. (I have attached a link from a fellow blogger where an interview with the author should inspire any writers that feeling down on themselves:"

It is common to hear trends and wishlists from the literary powerhouses, but it's hard to ignore the potential for hidden gems that set themselves away from the pack. One can only hope to create that type of magical jewel. 


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